A student working on a worksheet, from the student's point of view.

TFA - Mississippi's Support of the DREAM Act of 2017

Nearly a month ago, bipartisan legislation was introduced that would provide DREAMers with permanent access to a path toward citizenship. Today, Teach For America takes an unwavering stance on this issue, and we in Mississippi support all those who wish to lend their voice to the passing of this legislation - and their support to those affected by it.
Friday, August 11, 2017

Teach For America as brought over 140 "DACAmented" leaders to the classroom, where they make an incredible difference for kids and communities, and as an organization we wish to support all students and educators leading in their communities while pursuing pathways to citizenship. We believe in the potential of every child and the critical importance of safe and welcoming classrooms, and we stand firm in our resolve that all children deserve the right to pursue college degrees and careers without the dream of deportation. Given this, Teach For America has issued a statement calling on Congress. We support the DREAM Act as a long-term solution, and DACA as an interim solution.


To learn more about the DREAM Act and existing DACA executive order, and to take action, visit the Teach For America toolkit. You can also visit ProjectDreamers.org to make your voice heard on this issue in the meantime, as we monitor the bill's progress in the coming months. In Mississippi, we encourage you to learn more about those organizations extending direct support to our undocumented neighbors, and to use the "Contact Us" form or follow our social media channels to join the conversation.