A collage of nine portaits of male and female corps members
Our corps members do so much more than teach

Happy TEACHer Appreciation Week

We know very well that our amazing corps members do far more than teach. Here we wrap up our celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week with a shout-out to those corps members who exemplify just how far above and beyond they’ll go to make “One Day” happen for Mississippi kids.
Friday, May 5, 2017

Our corps members Take the lead... 

Like Alexis White (Mississippi, ‘15), who’s hard work led to great success when TFA-MS partnered with her for Day of Service. She recruited over 100 students who came up with their own service projects, led others, and planned a teach-in of sorts about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  She also partnered with corps members at another school in the district so they could bring middle and high school students to participate as well. [Pictured in thumbnail and image below]

And like Samantha Macy ('16), who has demonstrates true leadership not only for her students but also her fellow corps members. She's a member of the Corps Member Advisory Board, and has been a helpful voice when strategizing how to do better for kids. We can always count on her to show up and think critically, and we've seen time and again that she makes whatever group she is in stronger. [Middle right]

And they make it look Easy...

Like Taylor Robertson ('15), who always goes above and beyond. She builds up corps culture through her volunteer leadership positions, the example she sets by never settling, and by truly listening to her peers and students. She is committed to professional development and is always working to create opportunities for her students to engage with Black history. She inspires her students to value the content she teaches.[Bottom left]

They're Active in their communities...

Like Camille Loomis ('15), who links her students with others - both by teaching them to play music, and taking them to see performances from local musicians. She is frequently seen at performances, games and the many initiatives that are important in her community. [Middle left]

They Challenge stereotypes...

We have a number of corps members who have worked hard to create amazing opportunities for their students to engage with their communities and the world beyond, building their confidence and cultural experience.

Like Kayla Reinenger ('15) and her Spanish class who spent nearly a year fundraising and planning for a spring break trip to Spain, which they took in March of this year! For many of these students, it was their first time in another country, first time on a plane, even their first time out of Mississippi! [Top left]

And like Natalie Zuravleff ('15) and Yesenia Barajas ('15), who have established Students for Action, a student-led service organization. Together they planned a number of community events and raised funds to take a trip to Washington, D.C. to tour HBCUs and national cultural exhibits. [Natalie bottom middle, Yesenia top middle]

Contact us for ways to support these and other corps members' fundraising efforts! 

And they show major Hustle in the work!

Congratulations to these Teachers of the Year and Support Teacher of the Year who were recognized by their schools for their outstanding commitment to their students. Anthony Gingerelli ('15) of Merritt Middle School, Ashlee Pitts ('15) of T. L. Weston Midlde School, and Whitney Gaines ('15) of Dean Elementary School - we are so proud of the hard work you and your students have put in this year! [Anthony bottom right, Ashlee top right, Whitney middle]

A gymnasium full of students holding a banner that says "MLK Jr. Day of Service"
Day of Service 2017

The efforts of our corps members are appreciated and admired by their school leaders, communities, as well as the team at TFA-Mississippi - but, more importantly, by the brilliant students they are leading and championing every day. Thanks for putting the TEACH in Teacher Appreciation Week!