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More than 270 alumni are working to close the achievement gap from all sectors in the state, and more than one-third of those are educators and school leaders. In order to reach One Day in Mississippi, our alumni must have opportunities to grow and develop themselves as leaders and truly excellent educators.

The birthplace of American music, a major arena in the Civil Rights Movement, and the home of many of our nation’s most prolific voices and creative minds—Richard Wright, William Faulkner, BB King, Tennessee Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Henson, Eudora Welty, and Morgan Freeman—Mississippi and its residents have long been recognized for their contributions to American society. Yet the state’s own culture is a complicated one. The introduction of mechanized farming and the effects of globalization, combined with the residue of a racially segregated past, have forced many people to leave the state to find employment elsewhere and have made Mississippi, and its Delta region in particular, a largely forgotten national treasure.

Herein lies our great opportunity, and there is light in the distance on this broad and storied horizon. Like these integral figures of Mississippi—and national cultural history—our alumni are making great strides in a multitude of fields. Our alumni are authors, musicians, innovators, business owners, and legal minds.

Teach For America Mississippi alumni are an integral part of the regional priorities, as we push to make Mississippi a destination state for ourselves and our kids. We work in concert to illuminate the brilliance of Mississippi’s students, to reframe the prevailing narrative about our state, our students and our teachers and to recruit and retain a diverse force of leaders serving across sectors to hasten our arrival at One Day.


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