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The story of Teach For America – Mississippi is nearly twenty-five years in the making.

After its founding in 1990, Teach For America was invited to establish the Mississippi Delta region in light of a social and political need to improve the quality of life and education for children growing up in Arkansas and Mississippi. Given the historical context of the Magnolia State, as well as the critical need in its most underserved counties, the Mississippi region grew in order to better accommodate the volunteerism and industry shown by corps members placed here and the generosity of the communities and school districts hosting them. The resulting partnerships remain a powerful force propelling us forward in this movement.

The narrative continues through a growing population of alumni and a legacy of regional leadership, leadership that is still visible in TFA offices and classrooms today. That’s because Mississippi is home. Moved by the passion and potential in this region, we have built our lives here, met partners here, started families here, established businesses here, and continue to pour our hearts into the students and families alongside whom we live and work. For us, it’s personal.

Mississippi remains defined by its greatest asset: its people. Mississippians are creative, entrepreneurial, and visionary. We are brimming with the desire to see our home live up to its potential as a destination state, a beacon from where the brilliance of all is encouraged and amplified.

And we know that with you it’s possible—from day one, to One Day


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Top Stories

Inside TFA
September 15, 2017
We're excited to highlight the journey of one of our corps members, who will be a featured guest blogger during her second year in the classroom, so check back for updates on her experience, her take on the Jackson community, and resources she’ll be using with her elementary students!
Inside TFA
September 1, 2017
In one year, a math specialist, a second-year corps member, and a traditionally-trained coach helped change the landscape of measuring proficiency and growth in two Mississippi districts. Here we talk to the collaborators behind the tool that’s helping to make the grade, and discuss how, without real partnerships, it might never have come to be used.
Education & Issues
August 17, 2017
Here we spotlight Teach For America - Mississippi's Executive Director, Barbara Logan Smith, as she reacts to the recent acts of hate and violence in Charlottesville, and offers words of encouragement about how we can move forward as educators and as a region.
August 4, 2017
The Mississippi Principals Impact Fellowship brings school leaders together from across the state to participate in a cohort-based support network for administrators who want to grow their schools, their skills, and increase the academic outcomes for their students. Here we follow a year in the life of these eight inaugural fellows, and go behind the partnership that made it possible.

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